Lesley Daunt - Modern Artist 


BIOGRAPHY: Lesley Daunt is a native of Pompano Beach, FL who currently resides in the "Hollywood of the South," otherwise known as Covington, GA. She is a graduate of The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where she studied graphic design. While her subjects range wide, she is known as a "Rock & Roll Artist" for her many series featuring musicians which led to her being commissioned by House of Blues. 


ARTIST STATEMENT: As a painter, I find inspiration in the expressions of people and dogs. I employ fluid marks and bright colors in my work to showcase the ephemeral quality of these expressions. Within this realm, my work varies from pop art to contemporary, and I am continuously moving along the continuum between the two. I tend to work in series, either in regard to the materials used or in the exploration of a particular subject. I usually work on four pieces at a time within a series to give the pieces a more fluid feel. For example, I will draw out my subjects on all four canvases first. Then I will do the background of all four together to assure continuity. Once that is done, I paint the focal points and finish them one by one.

After years of working with acrylics, I discovered Ink and may never go back. With ink I find a more fluid continuity then I did with acrylics. I am obsessed with the shimmer and shine, especially when I use metallics in my inks. Inks also allow me to blend in almost the same way as oils. I very rarely ever use more than four to five colors in any series.


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