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Lesley Daunt - Modern Artist 


BIOGRAPHY: Lesley Daunt is an award-winning contemporary artist, originally from Pompano Beach, FL. She currently resides in the "Hollywood of the South," otherwise known as Covington, GA. She studied graphic design at The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and her art has been featured at Art Basel & Superfine. While her subjects range wide, Daunt is most known as a "Rock & Roll Artist" for her many series featuring musicians. 


ARTIST STATEMENT: As a painter, I find inspiration in the expressions of my subjects. I employ fluid marks and bright colors in my work to showcase the ephemeral quality of these expressions. Within this realm, my work varies from pop art to contemporary, and I am continuously moving along the continuum between the two. I tend to work in series, either in regard to the materials used or in the exploration of a particular subject. I usually work on four pieces at a time within a series to give the pieces a more fluid feel. For example, I will draw out my subjects on all four canvases first. Then I will do the background of all four together to assure continuity. Once that is done, I paint the focal points and finish them one by one.

After years of working with acrylics, I discovered Ink and may never go back. With ink I find a more fluid continuity then I did with acrylics. I am obsessed with the shimmer and shine, especially when I use metallics in my inks. Inks also allow me to blend in almost the same way as oils. I very rarely ever use more than four to five colors in any series.


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New Artist 

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